Monday, 10 October 2011

Dads were the original hipsters

I've been meaning to pop this link down here for a while now. Really it's just a fantastic idea for a blog, and intriguingly insightful;

In the meantime I'll be off searching for my own dad as an original hipster. I've already written the copy, it goes something like this:
'My dad was riding a motorbike with shoulder-length hair before you even knew what hipster was, and now he's got the midlife crisis to prove it. He was a fearless crack smokin, bike ridin' denim wearin roadie, he was a street kid among men. Until he had his own kids.
So hipsters, next time you're sat on the 179 to Tottenham Hale chewing your Wrigely's extra remember this... My dad smoked a pipe and rode a bike because it was one of the only things on earth that was as hipster as he was. '
Now I need a picture to prove it.