Sunday, 30 October 2011

Probably one of my favourite images from all of South America. 
Taken in a small village near Uyuni, Bolivia.


We had our own tea party, except it was a lot less libertarian and lots more fascist (only a teeny bit less conservative)... the average age was over 80. Anyway, this made me think too much about death, and I've decided that I've got a lot of living to do because I am not letting myself get old.

See bemused face.
Yes, I did eat all the tea party cake.

(p.s. This post in no way reflects my political views) 

Cynnical typography; My new hobby

I've started using my time on the night bus home as an opportunity to make work - I tend to dwell on life much better when it's dark or I'm surrounded by imbeciles;  Thus the 0416 N41 to Tottenham Hale is the perfect situation.

This is last night's effort. Unfortunately biro was the only available option. 

Sunday morning views

I may have a terrible view but with a keen eye for detail you can enjoy almost anything. 

GDC Map of Chelsea

Our first group project involved making a giant map of Chelsea. It looks a lot, lot better than I had expected and making it was pretty enjoyable. I am, however, still concerned about the layout of the map, since there definitely isn't a huge block of land between Chelsea and the Thames (I checked on my way home), but I won't dwell on it. It looks damn cool for half a days work. 

So far I'm finding it hard to refute the naive exclamations of my 'academic' friends that art school is just a load of cutting and sticking. 

Watch cool timelapse of it here courtesy of Safwaan. 

Men in suits.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a very good film, but I'm not going to comment on that. For me the highlight of the entire film was the tailoring.
Perhaps because the film is centered around a load of suited men the significance of what they are wearing succumbs to great detail. Good tailoring pleases me greatly.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Steve Jobs changed my life

It seems appropriate to use good design to commemorate one of the most influential deisgners of my lifetime. 
I found this on Twitter.

Last ever first day of school

First day of Chelsea College of Art, like most first days of school, was complete piss...and fundamentally very enjoyable. I suppose the first and foremost task is to make friends, and thus I have begun.

Work posts shall follow forthwith. 

Monday, 10 October 2011

Dads were the original hipsters

I've been meaning to pop this link down here for a while now. Really it's just a fantastic idea for a blog, and intriguingly insightful;

In the meantime I'll be off searching for my own dad as an original hipster. I've already written the copy, it goes something like this:
'My dad was riding a motorbike with shoulder-length hair before you even knew what hipster was, and now he's got the midlife crisis to prove it. He was a fearless crack smokin, bike ridin' denim wearin roadie, he was a street kid among men. Until he had his own kids.
So hipsters, next time you're sat on the 179 to Tottenham Hale chewing your Wrigely's extra remember this... My dad smoked a pipe and rode a bike because it was one of the only things on earth that was as hipster as he was. '
Now I need a picture to prove it.