Tuesday, 29 November 2011

An ampersand necklace! Oh man I love typography.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Post-modernism: Style & Subversion

I went to the V&A's post-modernism exhibition again this morning, because I like it that much. It's definately the best exhibition I've seen this year.

I've always had a huge obsession with Grace Jones (which at one stage led me to cause my eye lashes to fall out, after mixing way too much enthusiasm with alcohol and gold wall paint) and it turns out she features quite a lot in the exhibition - namely her work with Jean-Paul Goude. Anyway it transpires that post-modernism is without a doubt my favourite cultural epoch. Its nice to see a movement that is united by a load of brash, bright colours and garing objects that just toe the line between stylish and incredibly not so; I think to enjoy post-modernism you first have to accept that some of the work was really very unstylish.
The selection of stuff they have there is awesome, I was only already familiar with post-modern architecture but there was some real fun product design going on too, most of which could easily pass of as a Fisher Price toy set.

The exhibition seemed really well put together - in giving a sense of the movement; The Grace Jones room just sold it for me completely. I wish it had been a slightly larger exhibition than the pathetic three rooms that it was squeezed into.
I did wonder who made the decision to cut the exhibition off at 1990? What, did someone say post-modernism is over?

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I've got a work blog now.

We went to the beach.

Yesterday we got a van and went on a good old road trip to Cambersands with some skateboards and wood to take the photos for our shrine project. I thought beaches in Kent were shit buy this one was actually really nice, and it wasn't even cold. Once we'd finally got all the stuff there and set up (and got an £80 parking fine within the first 4 minutes) we managed to get quite a few shots before it got dark and hopefully with a bit of photoshop we'll be able to generate a final image, because I ain't goin' back. The boys sculpted some steps out of the sand for the original idea of concrete vs. sand and then laid some boards so that they could attempt to skate on the sand.

We will probably try and layer a few of the shots taken with a tripod so that we get a series with Tobias moving through the air - to show the movement, since so much effort went into each shot (not on my part). 

I can't actual believe I've put so much effort and expense into one project. 
Matthew Barney.
Probably my favourite photo in the world, I saw it in MoMA a few years ago.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Drive Angry

Watched Drive Angry last night and I was surprisingly impressed. I'm not keen on supernatural boy-racer movies but I successfully watched this one all the way through. While the satanic cult story line was odd and very confusing I kind of miss this sort of overly intense film and Nicolas Cage's deadpan No Country for Old Men-style acting.  Admittedly some of the scenes were a little excessive (think nailing a man to a wall through his face with a giant wooden stick) and in appalling taste, and the story line is dodge, but overall it was just enough action to stop me checking my emails on my phone part-way through.


I discovered this lowercase G at our letterpress workshop yesterday and am now completely obsessed with it. I have stamped it onto my hand and I'm so reluctant for it to rub off that I think I might get it tattooed on top. 

Thursday, 17 November 2011

I suggest you watch this film. 


Yesterday I had my first ever skateboarding lesson and it went pretty well, if I may say so myself. It's a little embarrassing learning to skateboard when you're 19 and just a little poorly balanced...I feel sort of like a middle-aged man learning to ride a bike. I am now able to cruise on the board and avoid minor directly approaching obstacles, although when it comes to stopping I must either bail the board, grab something or end up on my ass. This still makes me feel pretty cool, even if I am shocking.

It doesn't help that all the while I'm trying to travel a few meters without ending up ass over head the boys are flipping their board around like it's part of their anatomy.

Final logo design

Not overly pleased.
This makes me feel, like, sooooo chilled maaan

Monday, 14 November 2011