Saturday, 26 November 2011

Post-modernism: Style & Subversion

I went to the V&A's post-modernism exhibition again this morning, because I like it that much. It's definately the best exhibition I've seen this year.

I've always had a huge obsession with Grace Jones (which at one stage led me to cause my eye lashes to fall out, after mixing way too much enthusiasm with alcohol and gold wall paint) and it turns out she features quite a lot in the exhibition - namely her work with Jean-Paul Goude. Anyway it transpires that post-modernism is without a doubt my favourite cultural epoch. Its nice to see a movement that is united by a load of brash, bright colours and garing objects that just toe the line between stylish and incredibly not so; I think to enjoy post-modernism you first have to accept that some of the work was really very unstylish.
The selection of stuff they have there is awesome, I was only already familiar with post-modern architecture but there was some real fun product design going on too, most of which could easily pass of as a Fisher Price toy set.

The exhibition seemed really well put together - in giving a sense of the movement; The Grace Jones room just sold it for me completely. I wish it had been a slightly larger exhibition than the pathetic three rooms that it was squeezed into.
I did wonder who made the decision to cut the exhibition off at 1990? What, did someone say post-modernism is over?