Monday, 29 November 2010

Mert & Marcus for Vogue Nippon

Raquel Zimmermann for Vogue Nippon, July 2009

Very refreshing. I'm in to minimalism. And cubic haircuts. Together they just make the most fabulous combination.

I've always thought that by the time I'm thirty I'll only be wearing black and white, a sort of clean-cut declaration of Japanese minimalism and sobriety against the LSD infused colouration of style - but that's when rainbow tie-die returns, in about 17 years time. I envisage a very confused version of the future.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Harry Kaufmann

If you only do one thing today, I suggest you check out Harry Kaufmann's Photostream on flickr. He takes the most amazingly lit, moody photographs of Shanghai, no digital manipulation involved, just pure masterful imagery. The images are all taken from the outside of the greatest city in China and show the surprising juxtaposition between the derelict outskirts and the apparently unattainable shiny new. Makes you feel proper bad about developing China too. Just one of those things you stumble across and then wonder why the rest of the world isn't ranting about it too, instead of discussing Gillian McKeith's next big fail.


Thought I'd put up some of my favourite photos from my 50/fifty brief. I did consider all of them but nobody has time to look at 50 photos that are all, in a way, exactly the same.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Drugs for All the Family

Apparently American cops in the 80s were really into avant-garde film making. Check out this beauty they created to show off their drug collection, whilst simultaneously educating teens everywhere about the endless possiblities of 1980s narcotics. The best bit has to be that final shot of a demon face made out of cocaine:
“Death is the only face you’ll see kids, when you get involved in drugs.”

What do you do when your home is on the news?

So now our very own ginger beacon (Broadcasting Tower) has won yet another award, does this mean we can have the coffee table fixed?

I would say the building is disagreeably small to win a tall building award, these days 22 floors may as well be 2 storeys.

Several minor issues:
Who builds a tower in 2008 and neglects to put a bin shute?
I have noticed a considerable amout of rust drips off the building when it rains, as it often does in Leeds.
Due to the fabulous steel cladding that surrounds the building we have forefited the possibility of wireless broadband, since we effectively live in a huge conductor.
Last week the lift did fall 4 floors whilst attempting to travel upwards.

I also can't help but wonder what will happend when the skin eventually rusts away completely?
At least I can say I live in it though.

On the street...Leeds carnival

The women at the West Indian carnival all seem to have the most effortlessly amazing hair.  Probably the result of unmeasurable amounts of hairspray.

Amazing fashion marketing

Proenza Schouler collaboration with Harmony Korine to create Act Da Fool. I think this is the best fashion film I have ever seen.


So in a vain attempt to maintain contact with this elusive world, and the many many people to whom I seem to continually report my life, I have established a blog. Like all blogs I intended this to be an entirely self-indulgent self-motivated record of my general thoughts and interests. Admittedly this will form part of a benign but hopefully enjoyable one way conversation - although I do only intend post things that I believe to be either interesting or entertaining or maybe sometimes, both. Enjoy.
I wrote this mainly to discourage any weird followers. It is in actual fact a statement of boringness.