Wednesday, 23 November 2011

We went to the beach.

Yesterday we got a van and went on a good old road trip to Cambersands with some skateboards and wood to take the photos for our shrine project. I thought beaches in Kent were shit buy this one was actually really nice, and it wasn't even cold. Once we'd finally got all the stuff there and set up (and got an £80 parking fine within the first 4 minutes) we managed to get quite a few shots before it got dark and hopefully with a bit of photoshop we'll be able to generate a final image, because I ain't goin' back. The boys sculpted some steps out of the sand for the original idea of concrete vs. sand and then laid some boards so that they could attempt to skate on the sand.

We will probably try and layer a few of the shots taken with a tripod so that we get a series with Tobias moving through the air - to show the movement, since so much effort went into each shot (not on my part). 

I can't actual believe I've put so much effort and expense into one project.