Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ma' straight up margaritaz

A lovely lady on Saturday night told me that my margarita was the best she'd ever had in London, thus I have decided that I shall post my own margarita recipe on here, so that all you lovely people who can't afford to drink in Soho may enjoy it too!

Margarita is supposed to be a sour cocktail - typically tequila and an orange liquor mixed with lime or lemon juice- but unfortunately a lot of people tend to complain that this is too sour, so it is best to sweeten (with gomme syrup) to your own preference.

Tequila gold
Triple sec (or Cointreau, if you must)
Fresh lime juice ('fresh' in the sense that it still comes in a bottle)
Lime cordial, watered down to 50%
Gomme syrup or sugar
Orange juice
One lime, cut into wedges
Ice cubes

Shaker & strainer
Margarita glass

Add a little cubed ice to the shaker and 1 shot of triple sec and 1 shot of tequila (be generous!). Next add a splash of the lime juice (this is very strong) and a dash (12.5ml) of the gomme. Add orange - I do this primarily to add colour so only a little is necessary, probably 1-2 shots. Then top with lime cordial to about halfway up the shaker - this should be enough for one glass. You can fiddle with the quantities to get the perfect amount once you've got the recipe sorted. Shake.

Prepare the glass by rubbing a slice of lime around the rim and then dipping this into an even, thin, spread of salt - try putting the salt on a tea plate and shaking it around a little. Strain into the glass, holding back the ice.
Garnish with a slice lime wedge. Enjoy!