Monday, 9 May 2011

White Trash

I totally forgot to write about this at the time, but it deserves a mention,

Apparently one of the most popular joints in Berlin at the moment (according to a respectable-looking guide). We just happened upon this place by accident. Unfortunately I don't think it knows if it's a brothel, a grimy restaurant or a steamy foreign bar. Apart from the terrifying array of trolls, dead animals, chicken feet and boudoir-esq furnishings, it's all really rather harmless and kitsch. And you can't argue that the owners don't know how to flaunt their bohemian tackiness, the menus showed pictures of girls touching themselves and inside just looked a bit like a Microsoft font disaster zone. Finding something on the menu that sounded like a meal was perhaps the hardest thing to do. After that one can just sit back and watch a German movie about a 14 year-old girl who gets addicted to heroin, discovers the body of her best friend in the toilets of a cinema (OD'd on a cocktail of coke, vodka and bad parenting), etches various sins into her arm and then ends up going out with a boy who sleeps with guys to get money. The highlight came at exactly the same time as our food, where this adolescent tosses of an old man for 10 marks, which I believe is about £2.

If you get the opportunity, definitely go.