Monday, 9 May 2011

Black Swan

If I were attempting to review this as a film critic, I'd probably go for something like  'psychadelic nightmarish mish-mash of reality and fiction'. Unfortunatley most of the time it is impossible to tell whether or not what is happening is actually happening or whether it's all schizophrenia or something equally nauseating.
Aronofsky's most confusing decision here was the attempt to not be too blatant with the storyline, despite narrating the entire thing at the begining. As a result it is impossible to tell which charcter is which for at least half of the film. This isn't helped by the fact that all the girls seem to look exactly the same most of the time.

The highlight is definatley Natalie Portman's performance. I know she got a hard time from critics because of Aronofsky's choice to cast an actor rather than a dancer, but then I guess he didn't want to make a film about a dance company. And Portman is excellent anyway.