Monday, 9 May 2011


Berlin is a city still so terrified of embracing its own history that they don't seem to know whether to build museums or run around throwing grenades at the numerous spots Hitler had his get-togethers. Its hard to tell whether the trauma of the Berlin wall still lingers after 20 years. It seems to me that the majority of Berliners couldn't give a shit. They certainly seem less bothered by this than the notion that Hitler once used most of the building they live in. In fact, only last year Berliners apparently voted to have Hitler's massive bunker filled in with concrete - a sure indication that despite being utterly broke the last thing they want is to become a tourist destination for GCSE History students or army nerds. Or perhaps inspired dictators.

The strangest thing of all is that this inability to make a decision over the importance of their role in history has led the government to build a fence around the existing wall; This has to be the most ridiculous and ironic decision I have ever witnessed. Now the last remaining piece of wall stands as a testament to the continuing authority of the government, constantly surrounded by groups of tourist who can marvel about its 3 layer concrete/steel rod composition and sheer height. What a spectacle.